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About St. Benedict Catholic School

St. Benedict Catholic School has been serving families in the greater Richmond area for a century! Our students come from over 20 zip codes, making St. Benedict truly a destination school! From different faiths, cultures, backgrounds and neighborhoods, our students come together to learn united as God's beautiful children.

At St. Benedict, we strive to form the entire child:
Academically - through a classical curriculum, which helps students understand the relationship between faith and reason – and how to think critically about the world around us, in light of our Creator.
Spiritually - through faithful Catholic formation, weekly School Mass, and an active prayer life that punctuates our school days.
Culturally - through an appreciation of the arts, music and classical literature which help to raise students' minds and hearts to that which is truly good and beautiful.
Physically - through the availability of after school athletics programs and the promotion of giving our best to God and practicing good sportsmanship.
Socially - through a House System that builds camaraderie across grades and promotes virtue in a wonderful, small-school community.