Giving Back

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Serving Up Change allows supporters to enjoy good food, products and services while supporting local organizations, causes, or community needs. While traditional spirit nights and profit sharing events require individuals to visit the business at a specific time to participate in a fundraiser, Serving Up Change allows you to support your cause and enjoy eGift card at your convenience. In addition to purchasing eGift cards, the platform provides supporters the option to simply make a donation.

Serving Up Change helps you give back while enjoying good food

After purchasing your eGift card from the fundraising page, it’s easy to redeem it at the business. Here’s how:

eGift Card Redemption Process

Step 1

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Purchase an eGift card online from the fundraiser page.

Step 2

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You, or the person you gift the eGift card to, will receive an email with a unique link.

Step 3

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Visit the business and click on the link from your mobile phone.

Step 4

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To use your eGift card, ask the cashier or server to click the 'Redeem' button that appears on your phone.

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