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You are a local community organization and you are working your butt off to make a difference. Fundraising and securing donations are necessary to help you continue the real work and services you provide to make our communities stronger.

At Serving Up Change, we understand the importance of being efficient and raising more funds for your organization, because ultimately, it helps you make the impact on our world that we so desperately need - and we're here to help!

Serving Up Change is your answer.

Fundraising made easy

Serving Up Change provides an online platform that allows you to easily identify businesses that care about your cause. Each business has a giving profile that states the types of causes they support and the types of donations they provide. It also allows your organization to efficiently request a virtual fundraiser campaign in minutes!

Serving Up Change offers benefits like:

  • Efficiency – Eases the pain of scheduling and managing give back fundraiser with businesses. The request, approval and execution occurs online.
  • Profitability – Significantly increases your organization’s fundraising potential by leveraging your entire network using technology.
  • Data – Organizations are equipped with a dashboard and platform that stores historical fundraising and business contributions.

The new and creative virtual fundraising process will save you time and raise more money!

Fundraiser Types:

  • Online - Creates a fundraising page where supporters can purchase eGift cards or make a donation online.
  • In-Store - This option sets up a specific day and timeframe where supporters meet at a restaurant or business location for the fundraiser.
  • Combo - This options sets up a specific day for supporters to meet at the restaurant or business, and it creates an online option for people that cannot attend in person.

Rewards for Donations

Businesses have the option of adding rewards to incentivize supporters to donate. These rewards can be tiered based on the amount of the donation. For example, Restaurant A will provide a FREE Appetizer if someone donates $20 or more. The supporter will receive an email with the reward redemption information via their email.

Virtual Fundraiser Process

Step 1

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Request a virtual fundraiser by clicking on “Request Fundraiser” from the business's profile page.

Step 2

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If approved, start promoting, and your fundraiser will go live on the campaign start date.

Step 3

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Supporters donate and/or purchase eGift cards through the campaign page, and your organization earns a percentage of sales as fundraising profit.

Step 4

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After the campaign, the organization receives a fundraiser check in the mail.

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