A new and better way to fundraise with restaurants!

How It Works

Instead of rallying everyone to dine at a specific date and time, virtual fundraisers leverage an organization’s network through the sale of restaurant eGift cards. During the online campaign, the organization receives the designated percentage offered by the restaurant, and supporters can redeem their eGift cards on any day at their convenience.

I'm an Organization

A platform that connects organizations to restaurants that give back and allows them to raise funds through a virtual fundraising tool, or request in-kind or monetary donations.

How It Works For Organizations

I'm a Restaurant

Serving Up Change consolidates donation requests, and provides a unique platform that makes fundraising for community organizations more efficient.

How It Works For Restaurants

I'm a Diner

Serving Up Change is a platform that allows you an opportunity to participate in the community efforts of your favorite restaurants and community organizations while enjoying good food.

How It Works For Diners