Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our supporters enjoy having a meal together, can we still meet up on the campaign day at the restaurant?

Yes, supporters can purchase their eGift cards and redeem them on the same day and decide to meet up at the restaurant. Or, they can decide to meet up with friends on a later day and time.

Are there restrictions on which days we can run a virtual fundraiser campaign?

Because the process does not impact the normal operations of a restaurant, virtual campaigns can be run over a specific timeframe that is approved by the restaurant.

How soon do the restaurant and organization receive checks after the fundraiser?

Serving Up Change mails the organizations and restaurants a check within 20 business days after the fundraising campaign.

Are there fees associated with a virtual fundraising campaign?

There is a $29 campaign fee for each virtual fundraiser campaign. This is deducted from the total revenue generated from the campaign. If the campaign does not make enough revenue to cover the fee, the organization is not charged the campaign processing fee. Therefore, there is NO financial risk to the organizations.

Do consumers pay any fees when purchasing eGift cards?

Consumers pay an 8% platform fee when they purchase an eGift card or make a donation from the campaign page. This is not charged to organization and allows organizations to retain the full donation.

Is there a limit to the number of virtual fundraisers an organization can execute?


Can an organization run multiple virtual fundraiser campaigns at the same time with different restaurants?

Yes, but we strongly encourage organizations to make sure the restaurants are okay with being part of a fundraising campaign with multiple restaurants. This is a courtesy that should be extended to the restaurants to get their approval.

How long are virtual fundraiser campaigns?

Virtual campaigns are currently either 24 or 48 hours. A platform update is on the way that will allow organizations to run customize the start and stop days of their campaign with a 30-day maximum campaign length.